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How to Prevent Falling Branches in Your Backyard

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Having trees in your backyard gives you a lot of benefits straight from nature. Trees provide shade, clean the air you breathe, add a nice aesthetic to your yard, and they can even bear fruits for you and your family to enjoy. However, owning trees has its share of disadvantages, too.

During inclement weather, falling trees and branches can damage your roof and break your windows. Even on a good day, fallen branches can clutter your property and pose tripping hazards. If you want to prevent falling branches in your backyard, here are some of our expert tips.

  • #1 - Assess the tree

    It’s important to know the overall state of the tree to discern which parts need to be trimmed or cut. A proper assessment from arborists can help you identify which parts of the tree are problem areas. This includes dead or unhealthy branches, as well as healthy yet overlapping branches that are prone to breaking. A proper assessment would help you prepare for unpleasant weather and prevent your home and car from getting damaged when storms or high winds transpire.

    Some signs that you need to look out for in trees are:

    A splitting trunk
    Rotting branches with open wounds
    A heavily leaning tree
    Fungal growth
    Discolouration on leaves and branches
    Swollen spots on the trunk and branches
    Growing suckers

    The unhealthier a tree is, the more that branches and leaves are likely to fall off. Call us at 0406 373 737 if your tree starts to show these warning signs.

    In general, you’d also like for branches to be at least six feet away from your roof. You’d also want to avoid having branches hanging over pathways, as well as your car parking area if you don’t have a closed garage.

    #2 - Cut off long, dead, or broken branches

    The best way to prevent falling branches is to cut them off before they break. Long, dead, and snapped branches should be pruned off your tree. Not only does pruning keep a tree healthy, but it also protects your property. Branches can sometimes entangle with power lines, which can eventually cause a power interruption, or worse, electrocution.

    Keep in mind, however, that there is a proper method to pruning your tree. If you cut off too much, you risk weakening your tree or even killing it completely. It’s best to leave the pruning to professionals, especially for large and high trees. At Sydney Wide Tree Cutting, we offer liability for our tree pruning services.

    #3 - Check the tree after strong weather conditions

    If a storm or tornado hits your area, inspect your tree once again for broken or bent branches. There may be branches that have not broken off totally, but can break at any time and might injure a passerby. You can try and cut off broken branches that are within your reach. However, for longer and bigger branches, call an expert for safe removal.

    After a storm, also examine the tree for possible infestations which can affect the tree's health. 

    #4 - Schedule regular maintenance

    After making sure that the tree is in good condition, you should schedule regular tree maintenance or tree care services. For mature trees, pruning should be done every 3 to 5 years. Younger trees and fruit bearing trees need more frequent maintenance.

    With regular tree care, not only will you have a healthy tree, but a hazard-free backyard as well. Although you would need to dedicate a budget for maintenance, this precautionary measure against extreme weather situations can prevent you from greater accidents and costs.

    Getting licensed and insured arborists from Sydney Wide Tree Cutting to do these services can give you peace of mind and will guarantee you 100% service satisfaction.

    Protect your house and yourselves from the risks of fallen branches with trusted arborists! If you are located in Sydney and need assistance on nearby trees, call us at 0406 373 737 or get a quick quote here.