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Types Of Mulch and Which Is The Best For Home Gardens?

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Mulch is an organic substance that gives prettier and healthier plantings to your home garden. There are many benefits associated with mulching to your soil as it keeps it moist in warm environments and conserves the quantity of water in soil too. It also suppresses weed growth in your garden which you definitely want at a place like your home garden. It is necessary for keeping the soil moisture constant for healthy growth of plants. It does so by breaking down and holding the moisture for soil. The best time of the season for mulching is early spring and mid-summer. And an interesting tip for mulching is as soon as it breaks down, it is the best time to top the soil up.

There are various types of mulches that are beneficial for your home garden but here we are enlisting top 5 mulches that best suits your soil:

1. Compost: It is best in a sense that it controls the evaporation rate of soil at its best which is very suitable for adding humus to the soil. That is why it might be more expensive than other types of mulches. You can simply spread it in your garden and apply it as deep as 40mm.

2. Pea straw: This kind of mulch is ideal when you are growing roses, flowers, vegetables, shrubs and fruit trees. It acts as an insulator for the roots of plants and protects them from weather extremes. It breaks quickly so it needs to be topped every day and that is why it is a good stimulator for growth.

3. Sugar cane mulch: As the name indicates it is made from dried sugar cane leaves and is less expensive and readily available in stores. It is good for vegetable gardens and also breaks down quickly to stimulate the soil organism for better growth.

4. Barks and woodchips: It takes a longer time to break down thus does not need to apply as often. It is more used around established plants like trees and shrubs where soil improvement is not that necessary as compared to baby plants.

5. Pebbles and gravels: It is the most long-lasting mulch ever. It best suits the types of plants as succulents and Mediterranean-type as it controls soil evaporation.