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What Are The Top Responsibilities Of Best Tree Cutting Companies?

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Tree cutting and pruning are essential to improve the appearance, health, and values of trees and plants. You need to cut away the dead and access branches of trees and plants in order to maintain their growth and health as well. It also includes filling the cavities of trees to promote their healing and preventing the deterioration of plants.

Top responsibilities of Tree Trimmers and Pruners:

  1. Their tools and equipment must be clean, sharp and lubricated.
  2. Tie cables, braces, bolts, stakes and side branches to provide support to plants.
  3. They must clear the sites around the herbaceous trees such as fallen leaves and limbs to make it look tidy.
  4. They must collect all the debris after tree trimming into piles and discard them using shovels, or other tools.
  5. They must clear the branches that might be touching the power lines.
  6. Cut away dead and excess branches around the trees at regular intervals.
  7. Inspect the trees and plants on regular basis to inspect if they have any disease or pest problem.
  8. Spray them on a regular basis if they catch some disease or even unhealthy.
  9. Consult a tree surgeon if you do not understand the problem with the trees and then prune, spray and fertilize them as directed by the consultant.
  10. Trim all the jagged stumps using saws or pruning shears
  11. Trim and re-shape the trees whenever they grow excess branches to make them look attractive and adorable by cutting down the low-hanging branches and various trimmers.
  12. Water, root-feed and add fertilizer followed by topping as per the requirement of plants and the type of plant.
  13. Apply protective or sealing substances such as tar to the cut surfaces of trees to prevent any attack from fungi or insects.
  14. Also, guide the public regarding taking care of plants and may assign various signboards regarding the protection of plants.