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What is Tree Pruning and Why We Need That And How Often?

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Tree pruning is basically reshaping the trees and plants, getting them rid of extra and dead branches, leaves and limbs that might affect the health of a plant. It is only the removal of specific branches that might be restricting the growth of the whole plant to benefit the health of the tree. It is done both for improving the health condition of a plant or for aesthetic purposes.

Benefits of tree pruning:

It extends the life of a plant and the overall health of trees. It also reduces the risk of diseases, pest attacks, and tree failing due to weather extremes. A well-maintained tree is as essential as a healthy individual as it plays an essential part in maintaining a healthy environment for human beings. Some of the trees growing in urban areas need more of human attention and care as compared to those growing in forested conditions. Occasional trimming and pruning are essential to maintain the aesthetic sense in any home garden or lawn and also maintain the structural integrity of plants. And it can only be done by a person who truly understands the physiology, biology, and anatomy of the tree. You can’t give a trimmer to a lame person to deal with his plants. In fact, they need a surgical consultant too just like humans in case of any disease or pathogen attack.

Why do we need to prune our plants?

Pruning can stimulate the growth of trees or plants and may restrict the growth where undesirable. Correct and strong pruning procedures help to maintain a strong tree structure in its natural form. It helps to eliminate the breaking or tearing of woods which damages the health of the whole plant.

How often do we need to prune our plants?

There is no time for pruning dead, damaged or diseased branches of the trees as they must be removed as soon as you see them. Whereas the other particular time for pruning is in late winter, or early spring just before the trees begin to open the buds. Well, it can be done any time of the year just avoiding hot dry periods and extreme winter colds.