Do you have an annoying stump in the middle of your yard or business? These stumps can soon become homes for unwanted pests such as ants or termites. They can also take up room that you may need for some other purpose. Furthermore, they can be quite dangerous and cause trip hazards and damage to your vehicles. Sydney Wide Tree Cutting can provide professional stump and removal services. We take care of that unwanted annoyance in a safe & fast manner. Read more to know about our stump grinding services. 

Of course! Our team at Sydney Wide Tree Cutting has the proper equipment to grind stumps just about anywhere, anytime! From the middle or front yards to the most difficult and remote locations, we use turf-friendly, specialized grinding equipment. These machines will grind your stump/stumps anywhere from 15-75cm below the current ground levels.

When we are finished, you will be left with ground mulch that is backfilled in the hole from where the stump was removed. We work fast to make sure that you are inconvenienced as little as possible. Then after we are done cleaning up, we give your property extra space and safety.

If you have an existing stump on your property from a dead or fallen tree, you’ll most likely need to eliminate the unwanted stump. That’s what makes our stump removal services an essential element of tree care and yard preservation.

Yes! We provide premium liability to protect you from property damage. We do this to ensure the peace of mind of our clients. Call us on  0406 373 737 to know more about our premium liability insurance.

Grinding down a tree stump can enhance the aesthetics of your yard and regain a much wider space for your property. Also, it prevents further accidents and annoyance from the stump itself. To top it all off, it protects your property from diseases or pests that may be harboured in the stump.

We’re experts in Stump Grinding Sydney. ✔️Fully Trained, Insured, Licensed & Bonded ✔️Safety Standards, Fast Response & Fast Free Quotes Guaranteed.

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