Trees provide more than just scenery and shade. They are a vital part of the NSW ecosystem in all their shapes, sizes, and species. But there are occasions where it’s best to trim back or remove them, and that’s where tree cutting comes into play.

This is not a task for the faint of heart or the novice gardener. It requires skill and understanding of the tree itself as well as how to work around buildings, utilities, and people safely and effectively. In some cases, a trained arborist may be able to help save a tree by cutting it back or removing damage. In others, full removal is the best approach.

Homeowners are largely responsible for any damage inflicted by a falling or damaged tree. With this in mind, proper cutting can protect both property and pocketbooks. The cost of hiring out professional cutting in Sydney is far less than anything you would pay if limbs or trunks came crashing down.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Sydney Wide Tree Cutting is tops when it comes to cutting down trees. That’s why it’s in our name. We offer a full suite of services, including 24/7 emergency callouts, with a focus on customer satisfaction. You can call us on 0406 373 737 any time, and we’ll be more than happy offer a quote, advice, and service you can count on.

Tree Cutting in Sydney

Preserving trees, and mother nature in general, is important for our environment. And so, cutting should not be approached with a flippant attitude.

That said, there are many scenarios where tree cutting is the best option for the safety and health of your family, home, or business. If a tree is leaning, damaged, or threatening to fall any where near or on a structure, you should call a tree cutting as soon as possible. This can protect you from serious injury, not to mention expenses.

Aside from a very obviously listing tree aiming for your home, how can you tell if you should call a tree service? You probably have a tree that needs to be cut down if it:

  • Impedes building construction
  • Shows signs of termites
  • Looks diseased or dying
  • Looms near power lines or utilities
  • Has damage that could cause it to fall

While homeowners can tackle small projects like trimming a branch or pruning back limbs, full-on cutting down of a tree should absolutely be left to the pros. If you have a large tree threatening to fall and possibly hit your home, you’ll want an expert service with equipment and experience to take it down or cut it back properly. You’ll not only protect your house but also yourself. A professional tree service will have all of the equipment needed to do the job efficiently and safely. This includes rigging, cutting, and chipping equipment.

There are also legal considerations. Many locales require council approvals and work done by licensed and insured contractors. This is where a professional service can be invaluable. You can rest assured that the right procedures will be followed.

This can vary quite a bit based mostly on just how big of a tree you are dealing with. Of course, the larger the tree, the longer it can take to cut it back or cut it down completely. Not only will there be more branches, but the truck will be thicker and take longer to work through.

For a tree shorter than 10 metres, you can expect the job to take just a few hours. Trees over 20 metres tall can take half a day or longer.

The location of the tree and how easy (or not) it is to access is also a factor. If working closely near buildings or on a steep grade, the job can take longer. Sending arborists up into the tree to work will also take extra time.

Not surprisingly, the cost is almost completely dictated by the size of the tree. This is because the size tells the service how many team members to send, how much and which equipment is needed, and how long the job will take to finish. If the tree is harder to access, there could also be extra expenses.

Council permits will add to the cost but will vary and may be the responsibility of the homeowner and not the tree service. Also consider that some professionals may have additional charges to remove debris from a job site or entirely remove or grind down a stump.

All of that said, there are some average costs you can use to guide your budget. Keep in mind that you will need an estimate for your actual job from a service to truly know the cost to you. Be leery of any tree service in Sydney that offers a quote for a service without seeing the tree itself. Guesswork will not give an accurate idea of cost or effort for the project.

Tree SizeAverage Cost to Remove
Less than 10 metres tall$400-2,500
Between 10-20 metres tall$600-4,000
More than 20 metres tall$1,100-5,500

At a glance, tree cutting can seem like a general service. How hard could it be to cut a tree? Plenty hard, it turns out, especially with so many factors to consider. Not only do professional services need to protect buildings or property in the process, they also need to factor in the weather, health of the tree, and safety of the team.

With all of these factors in play, choosing a service that is fully licensed and insured is absolutely essential. Once you have those proofs, you’ll want to find out exactly how much experience they have. Here, you’re looking for years of experience as well as type of experience. Arborists who understand trees and the workmanship required are much more likely to deliver quality services than general workers or laborers. You can also ask for references or look up reviews online to get a better sense of their reputation.

Another area to consider is the variety of services. Tree cutting sounds straightforward, but who wants to hire a company to cut down a tree only for them to leave it laying in the garden? There are companies that will charge more for removal or who do not even provide the service. Before signing a contract, make sure you are clear on exactly what the service offers and what it doesn’t.

When it comes to full-service, professional service, no one does it better than Sydney Wide Tree Cutting. From inspection to removal, our licensed and insured arborists have the tools and know-how for any job. We pride ourselves on offering efficient and hassle-free customer service and offer free consultations to guide the way.

Whether you have an emergency situation or are suspicious about the condition of a particular tree, we’re ready and able to help, 24/7. Call us on 0406 373 737 for help today!


Text – Council fees can be anywhere between $50-150 and permissions can vary. There may also be additional fees per tree that you want to remove. Always be sure to check the requirements before you move forward with any planned tree cutting project. There may also be exemptions for emergency situations, so it is always good to familiarize yourself with the rules or choose a local tree cutting who already knows how to handle common situations.

If a tree poses a threat to a structure or the people nearby, then it almost certainly will need to be removed. However, in addition to the council approval fees we mentioned, you may also need special dispensation to remove heritage or significant trees that are protected.

The Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 blocks removal without permission for trees that have exceptional historic or horticultural significance. This includes trees of Aboriginal importance as well as functional purpose. Individual councils will maintain a list of trees that are considered protected. The fines for violating these rules are steep in both local court and Land and Environment Court, so be sure you are very clear on what you can and can’t do before forging ahead.

No, and this is a bit of cause for concern. Since licensure through Arboriculture Australia and similar organizations is not required, many tree services rush to market without adequate experience or qualifications. It’s always best to look for a service with licensed arborists who are much more likely to follow, and exceed, the minimum industry standards.