Hiring a Sydney arborist can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,000 depending on the scope of your job and that’s where pricing can get tricky – because each job varies in size, access, condition and complexity. 

This means tree pruning can cost between $200 to $1,200 and tree removal can cost between $350 and $4,500, so your cost depends on what you need from your arborist.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of your expected costs, plus claim a FREE site assessment from your local Sydney arborist team.

Dealing with a dangerous tree leaning uncomfortably close to your home? Frustrated by an eyesore of a stump that needs removing from your backyard? Or, worried about an overgrown canopy in need of a trim?

There are many reasons to hire a qualified arborist, but before you jump on Google and call the first tree expert you see, it’s helpful to do a little research and figure out what the average Sydney arborist will cost.

Hiring an arborist looks easy on paper, but a quick search online and you’ll find dozens of contractors claiming to be the *best* and offering the *best* prices. Figuring out who is legit and who is telling tales taller than the trees in your yard can be tough – and the wrong choice can leave your property at risk and your bank account drained.

To help you save money and find the cost-effective local arborist for you, read on to discover what an arborist can help you with, and how you can find a great deal on your next tree care service.

What does an arborist actually do?

Before we talk about price, let’s quickly cover the services you’ll be paying for.

Known affectionately as ‘Tree Doctors’, arborists are experts on everything tree-related. This covers a wide range of services from council reporting, risk assessment, tree maintenance and tree removal.

As a tree doctor, your Sydney arborist will be able to check the health of your trees, assess the best course of treatment, and be responsible for all treatment methods which range from a tree health check to complete tree removal.

As an indication of the possible services provided by an arborist, our Sydney Wide Tree Cutting arborists are experts in:

  • Tree felling
  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree mulching
  • Stump grinding
  • Land clearing
  • Emergency tree removal

Each of these services requires a different approach and will involve their own costs. For example, tree pruning is typically cheaper than tree removal as the job is quicker, requires less specialist equipment, and less manpower.

Knowing what service you need from your local arborist will help you figure out how much their service will cost, starting with a consultation before you commit to a service…

How much does it cost for a consultation with an arborist?

Generally speaking, Sydney arborists can set their own prices for consultations and tree health checks.

This can be frustrating because you might end up paying for a site inspection or tree evaluation only to find out your preferred arborist is a little too green around the ears.

At SWTC, we help you avoid this frustrating upfront cost through zero-cost consultations and free site assessments to help you understand your options. No two trees are the same, so whether you need a tree pruned, felled, removed or turned into mulch, we’ll make our way to you whether you live in Mosman, the Inner West or anywhere in between.

Interested in a FREE site assessment? Click here to schedule your appointment

How much does an arborist report cost in Sydney?

Looking to remove a tree from your Sydney property?

Depending on the size, type and location of your tree, you may need council permission to remove your unwanted tree(s). And to receive this permission you’ll need to submit an arborist report.

This report will include an analysis of the tree in question, it’s condition, and possible tree removal options. Aside from your basic information (name, address and contact details), an arborist report will cover a range of specs your arborist is trained to assess, including:

  • Your property’s sitemap
  • The species of the tree to be removed
  • The height, trunk diameter and canopy width of your unwanted tree
  • Any diseases or pests present in the tree
  • Suggested reasons for or against tree removal

Although arborists do remove trees, this is a last resort. At SWTC we’re passionate about protecting the diverse flora of NSW and are fully trained to adhere to council regulations, no matter which Sydney LGA you live in.

How much does an arborist report cost: $400 to $2,000 for a full impact assessment

Sydney arborist price breakdown

An arborist is NOT a one-trick pony, so it’s impossible to find a price that fits across the board.

You could hire a Sydney arborist for an hour of crown thinning and pay $70, or hire an arborist to remove a tree entirely and pay $5,000 and up.

As we mentioned, the cost of an arborist service typically depends on the service provided. For example, pruning a canopy near power lines will be cheaper than removing a 40-year old Sydney Red Gum that’s been growing in your Eastern Suburbs front yard since you were little.

Generally speaking, the more advanced the service, the higher the cost to cover the time, crew members, machinery and risk.

To help you budget your next arborist service, here’s a snapshot of average Sydney prices.

Sydney Arborist ServiceAverage Price
Arborist Report$450 to $600
Stump Removal$250
Tree Pruning (1 – 10 metres)$200 to $500
Tree Pruning (10 – 20 metres)$300 to $800
Tree Pruning (20 metres and up)$500 to $3,000
Tree Removal (5 – 6 metres)$250 to $900
Tree Removal (6 – 9 metres)$650 to $1,500
Tree Removal (10 metres and up)$2,500 to $10,000

PLEASE NOTE: Arborist price estimates in this guide are averages only and should not be used as definitive. Sydney arborist prices vary from business to business and are subject to market forces.

Factors affecting the cost of hiring an arborist 

The price of your service will depend on the following factors:

  • Tree service
  • Tree size
  • Tree condition
  • Tree location
  • Tree species

Let’s unpack each of these contributing factors to see where your money will be going.

Tree Service

The arborist service you need is the biggest influencer of price. For example, removing a small tree under 3 metres could cost under $500, compared to stump grinding that sets you back $150, or light crown thinning at $70. While the average Sydney arborist charges $70/hour, it’s best to seek out rates per project as this will vary based on the tree service you’re after.

Tree Size

A large tree typically costs more as it takes longer to assess, trim, prune and remove. Larger trees are generally cut down from top to bottom, which may require additional manpower, on-site wood chippers and higher transportation costs to get rid of the tree. In contrast, a smaller tree may not require heavy machinery and can generally be removed at a lower price.

Tree Condition

Is your tree healthy but in the way of a future renovation project? Or is it diseased and ready to topple over at any moment? The condition of your tree will impact the price you pay through the risk involved, strategic approach required and amount of time needed to get the job done.

Tree Location

The price of a Sydney arborist is also influenced by the location of your tree. For example, two similar services to remove the same species of tree can still end up with two very different quotes if one site has easy access and the other is restricted and tough for an arborist to reach.

Tree Species

Not all trees are the same. Softwood stumps are easier to grind than hardwood stumps, for example. Different trees offer varying wood strengths, and the more resilient a tree species is, the more time and machinery that’s needed to remove it, and the more you’ll need to pay.

Should I go with the cheapest arborist I can find?

You don’t want to cut corners when hiring an arborist.

There’s no formal arborist qualifications required to become a ‘tree lopper’ in Sydney. That means the average backyard maintenance and lawn care company can add a ‘Tree Removal’ page to their website and start pulling trees down.

This can lead to significant headaches if your choice of arborist removes a tree that’s protected in NSW, or cuts corners through inexperience and places your property or family at risk of falling branches and debris.

At Sydney Wide Tree Cutting our team is made up of licensed and insured arborists with the tools and equipment to handle any tree care job safely and professionally. 

Whether it’s our trucks, cranes and specialist equipment, or our $10 million public liability insurance, you can rest easy knowing your property is safe, and you’re receiving premium support from a leading Sydney arborist.

What do Sydney arborists charge per hour?

The average hourly cost of a Sydney arborist works out around $70, but this doesn’t tell the whole story.

The price per hour will be determined by a range of factors relating to the job’s overheads. If you’re looking for stump removal the price per hour for two seemingly similar jobs can be significantly different. For example, if one stump is easy to access and consists of softwood you can pay less per hour than a stump that’s located on a steep incline and consists of dense hardwood.

As hourly rates don’t tell the whole story, it’s best to compare rates instead. 

You can do this by reaching out to your local Sydney arborists for quotes and estimates. Ideally, look to compare 3 to 5 quotes to find a service and a price that’s right for you. Your quotes will reflect the manpower, skills, machinery and time needed to tackle your individual project. 

Looking for fast and free arborist quotes? Contact the SWTC team today to price your next tree service.

The real cost of an arborist in Sydney

When it comes to tree care, you get what you pay for.

Finding a lawn care company or handyman on Gumtree might help you save a few bucks today, the risk of damage during your tree service, or risk of harming the health of your trees, can leave you well out of pocket in the long-run.

For the highest quality arboreal services in Sydney, contact Sydney Wide Tree Cutting. We hold $10 million in public liability insurance, offer a team of highly skilled arborists who understand Sydney’s unique fauna, and provide FREE site assessments with zero-obligation quotes so you can choose a local arborist that offers exceptional value for money.

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