There might come a time when you decide to cut your tree. Trees, dead or alive, can be a hazard for you and your family. For one, they can cause tripping accidents to your children and elderly. Branches can snap and fall off during a storm and end up destroying your property.

Trees can also become home to pests or other types of wood-eating insects that might spread to your house. If you’re looking to get your tree cut, here’s how much it costs in Sydney.

What is the cost of tree cutting services in Sydney?

Tree cutting services range from $100 to as much as above $10,000 in Sydney, New South Wales. This might sound like a huge range but, tree cutting services do not always mean removing the entire tree. Tree cutting is an umbrella term for several services that range from maintenance such as pruning and thinning to the removal of trees down to their stump. Let’s explore the difference between these services and what affects the costing process so you can know if your arborist is giving you a fair price.

Tree Cutting Categories

• Tree Removal is the removal of the entire tree from your property. Expect the entirety of the tree gone from your property. 
• Tree Felling is the removal of the tree from the base of the trunk, leaving the stump intact. This is a great option if you choose to keep a tree but are aware that the tree might be hazardous at its current size.
• Tree Pruning & Thinning is the removal of the smaller branches of a tree. This will increase the aesthetic value of your tree and decrease hazards such as branches breaking or snapping during a storm. We also recommend Pruning and Thinning before the wintertime to avoid needing to have the tree removed altogether.
• Stump Grinding is the removal of a stump, dead or alive, and most of its roots above ground. This will permanently kill your tree and prevent it from re-growing. Unwanted stumps are not pleasing to look at and may cause trip hazards for you and your family.
• Land Clearing would mean removing all trees in a piece of land to make it ready for vegetation or commercial redevelopment. As this will be a large-scale project, we ensure that a team leader will always be onsite with our highly trained staff to finish the project as efficiently as possible. Sydney Wide Tree Cutting promises quality service for a competitive price.We service all these and more at Sydney Wide Tree Cutting. Call us now at 0406 373 737 for more details.

Factors that affect Tree Cutting Costs

Tree cutting cost depends on a variety of factors, which is why an arborist’s quotation may change drastically depending on the information you provide. It’s best to accurately describe these following factors when you seek a quote for tree cutting services. These are the main factors that affect the price of tree cutting:

#1 – Tree Height

Trees are generally classified into three height categories:
• Small trees are those that are 8 metres or less. This means that the tree is about as high as a two-storey house. Trees at this height will likely have narrower trunks and therefore will cost you around $150 to $500.
• Medium trees are those that are about 8-20 metres in height. These trees will have thicker trunks than a small tree and will cost you about $200- $1,000
• Large trees are those taller than 20 metres. Since trees this size will be much thicker in girth, they are harder to remove and will need a greatly experienced arborist and heavier equipment to do the job. Trees this size may cost you at least $1,500.

In summary, these are the costs of tree cutting by height.

Tree HeightCost
Small (< 8 m)$150 – $500
Medium (8 – 20m)$200 – $1,000
Large (> 20m)$1,500 +

#2 – Tree Girth

The girth of a tree will also affect the price of how much it will cost you to have it cut or removed. If you can hug your tree comfortably, then the tree would be considered small. If your hands barely or miss just a few centimetres from each other, then that’s about a medium and anything bigger would be large. The larger the tree’s girth, the higher the cost will be.

For more accurate quotes, take a tape measure and measure the girth of the tree at its widest area and make sure to mention this measurement to your arborist.

#3 – Species of Tree

Knowing the species of the tree lets us know if it’s classified as hardwood or softwood. Hardwood trees will take a longer time, effort, and expertise to remove or prune which will increase its price. Softwood trees are easier to work on and therefore will be cheaper to cut.

#4 – Location and Accessibility of Tree

The location and accessibility of your tree matter because this will affect the technique and equipment we will use to get to the project site. Heavy machinery may not fit certain driveways so you should let us know if there is enough space or clearance for us to bring our equipment and whether there is a legal parking spot. Our machinery helps us do the job more efficiently. If we’re unable to use it because of space constraints, the labour effort increases and so does the cost.

Aside from the location of the tree, check if its branches are close to any other hazards such as branches tangling with power lines or electric posts.

#5 – Urgency of task

Expect to pay extra if you need your job to be done ASAP and prioritised. Jobs done on weekends and after-hours would be charged at a premium, same as urgent or emergency tasks just before a storm. We can help you trim your trees and give you quality results even in distressing times.

Sydney Wide Tree Cutting offers free assessment and fast obligation-free quotes. Reach out to us via our website or call us at 0406 373 737 to book now.

I know what kind of tree cutting service I need, what next?

In Sydney, you would need a specific permit from your local council for tree cutting. If the tree is alive, you would then need to present them with a valid reason why your tree needs to be cut down. For reference, the council fee would cost around $50 to $150.

However, according to the City of Sydney Council, if your tree “is dead, dying or is an immediate risk to human life or substantial property” and “imposes a risk to human life or property within the next 48 hours”, then you can remove the tree without any permit but with the assessment of an arborist with a minimum of level 3 certification in Arboriculture. A full report from us will still be needed and it is only after an arborist sees your tree as an immediate risk that the removal can be performed. 

Removing a tree without the help of an arborist may result in fines, penalties, or legal action. Check the City of Sydney Council for more details on processing permits.

Is it possible for the tree to damage my property as it is being removed?

Some trees are in tricky areas within your property that impose a risk of damage to property if removed, trimmed, or pruned without the help of a professional arborist. With our years of experience and expertise, the risk of damaging your property during any tree cutting job is close to none.

However, we do understand that clients would like extra security to protect their investments. Therefore, it’s important for you to also find liability-insured arborists. Make sure to ask them if they are insured before hiring and they should be able to confidently tell you that they are! If not and something happens to your property, then that would leave you in a sticky situation.

We at Sydney Wide Tree Cutting have up to $10,000,000 liability insurance that has you covered. Reach out to us via our website or call us at 0406 373 737 to know more.

What are other things that I should look out for in terms of cost?

Now that you’re prepared to look for an arborist, what else should you keep your eye out on? Some arborists will give you a quote that sounds just too good to be true, so how would you know if you’re getting the real deal? Here are some final things you need to check with your arborist before you finalise hiring.

#1 – Arboriculture level

Anyone can market themselves as a “tree lopper” as there is no certification or license required to be a lopper. However, most jobs would require an arborist to have a minimum of level 3 certification in arboriculture. Therefore, not everyone qualifies to be called an arborist. Make sure you are hiring an arborist and not just a tree lopper most especially for jobs that involve cutting a medium-sized tree or larger.

#2 – Hidden fees

Some arborists will tell you a quote that would only entail the tree cutting service itself. Make sure to ask for an all-inclusive fee from your arborist and the specific breakdown of services that this quotation entails so you won’t find yourself in a difficult situation when all the hidden fees or service exclusions pile up after the job is done.

#3 – Stump removal fees

As stated earlier, some arborists will not disclose the whole breakdown to you, and you may be left with an unsightly tree stump in your yard. Unsightly tree stumps may lead to pest infestation and trip accidents in addition to overall destroying the aesthetic value of your property. Make sure to ask your arborist to send you a breakdown of the inclusion and exclusions of the quotation that they give you.

#4 – Tipping fees/waste removal

When an arborist team finishes a job and leaves your property, they should leave it the way they entered: clean and tidy with no waste left behind. However, some arborists may charge extra for waste removal which will leave you in an awkward situation with piles of discarded trees in your backyard. Always ask your arborist to include waste removal in your quotation.

We at Sydney Wide Tree Cutting make sure we give you the best, competitive, and complete quotation. We make sure to let you know all the inclusions and exclusions of our services, and we will never put you in a tight spot. Visit us via our website or call us at 0406 373 737 for fast free quotes.

I’d like to keep the tree waste for mulching, will this be possible?

Absolutely. Aside from tree cutting services, most arborists will also have the equipment to turn the cut tree into mulch. This would entail additional costs and is usually an extra request from a client so make sure to mention this to your arborist before they start working on your tree. This is also so we can bring our equipment with us and turn your tree into mulch on the spot.

Mulching is great for use in landscaping, and garden projects. Aside from this, mulch also helps your lawn reduce weed growth and keeps your soil moist.

Many factors come into play when pricing a tree cutting service. Therefore, knowing about these specific factors will help you find the most reasonable prices for your tree cutting needs. Professional and experienced arborists like our staff at Sydney Wide Tree Cutting will help you with any of your tree cutting problems efficiently and professionally. We use premium tools that will make sure we finish the job safely and guarantee the safety of you and your property. We can also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, just look at our testimonials!

We at Sydney Wide Tree Cutting service all kinds of tree cutting needs from tree pruning & thinning to felling, removal, and stump grinding within Sydney, Australia. We make sure to give you the best, competitive, complete, and transparent quotation. We will make sure to let you know all the inclusions and exclusions of our services, and we will never put you in a tight spot. Visit us via our website or call us at 0406 373 737 for fast free quotes.

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