Although Sydney’s average tree removal price is $1,290, tree removal can cost anywhere from $250 to $5,000 and up.

There’s no fixed rate as the price of tree removal will vary based on the size of your tree, it’s health, where it’s positioned on your property and how difficult it is for your arborist to access.

To help you save money, we’ve put together the ultimate Sydney tree removal price guide, plus tips to find cheap tree removal whether you’re in Blacktown, Parramatta or the Sydney CBD.

Trees add beauty, shade and style to your Sydney home, but there comes a time when tree removal becomes necessary.

Whether due to disease, a risk to your property, or an upcoming development project, removing a tree can come about for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, tree removal isn’t as easy as borrowing your mate’s chainsaw or taking to the trunk with an axe.

Trees in Sydney are protected, with your local Sydney council typically requiring permission in the form of an arborist’s report. Even with permission, the cost of tree removal will vary based on a range of factors, including:

  • Tree Size
  • Tree Location
  • Tree Health
  • Site Accessibility

To help you budget for your next tree removal service, read on for a full list of prices, fees and tips to help you save money.

When is tree removal necessary?

Tree removal is on the more pricey end of the tree care spectrum.

Unlike tree pruning or crown thinning, tree removal is an invasive process that’s removing a tree that, even on the smaller side, poses a unique challenge to your choice of Sydney arborist.

It’s worth pointing out though that NOT removing a tree can be even more costly. If your tree comes down in a storm, or due to disease, you could be risking a significantly costlier repair bill.

To help identify when a tree is reaching the stage where removal is necessary, keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

✘ Visible decay or disease: Are you noticing deformed or discoloured leaves? If your tree appears to have structural defects or visible disease, tree removal may be necessary.

✘ Cracks in the trunk: Cracked trunks are a greater risk of splitting, which can cause catastrophic damage to your property.

✘ Storm damage: If Sydney storm weather has damaged your trees it may be best to remove the risk before it falls.

✘ Overcrowding: Overcrowded trees can grow close to your house, the footpath, or utility lines, requiring proactive action.

✘ Trunk cavities: Not only do cavities in your trees invite possums, birds and other pests, but the hollowing trunks are a fall risk

At Sydney Wide Tree Cutting we aim to preserve the health of trees wherever possible. If there’s a way to save a tree, that’s our priority. But your trees are living creatures with a lifespan, and if you’re in need of fast, reliable and affordable tree removal in Sydney, we’re able to help you explore your options and make an informed decision.

Tree removal checklist

There’s nothing worse than mentally preparing for a cost and being quoted a figure that’s double, or three times higher.

Use the following tree removal checklist to make sure you understand what factors go into your quote. Your Sydney tree removalists will use these variables to determine your price, so it’s handy for you to be using the same checklist:

  • How tall is your tree?
  • Where is your tree located?
  • What is the level of site accessibility?
  • Will you require stump removal in addition?
  • Will you require your tree fellers to remove your tree?

To maintain the health of your local environment, your local Sydney council will require an arborists report prior to removing a tree (unless your tree is dead, within 3 metres of your home’s foundations, an exempt tree species, or posing imminent danger to persons or property), which can also add costs outside of your tree removal service.

Click here for more information on arborist reports and permit costs

Average tree removal costs in Sydney, Australia

The average cost for removing a tree in Australia is $871. However, this doesn’t take into account the size, species, condition or location of your tree, so averages should be a starting point, not the finish line.

Use these guidelines for a rough estimate of what you may need to pay for Sydney tree removal.

Tree Removal ServiceAverage Price
Tree Removal (1m – 8m trunk width)$250 to $500
Tree Removal (8m – 23m trunk width)$500 to $1,000
Tree Removal (23m+ trunk width)$1,500 and up
Council Application Fees$50 to $150

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are a rough estimate only. Sydney tree removal costs vary by type, size, location, condition and complexity. 

Tree removal cost calculator

There are a range of factors that will influence your tree removal costs.

Most obviously, a large tree will cost more to remove because they require more manpower, more tools, and more labour. Naturally, a tall tree means your arborists will have to climb up and remove major branches one by one, which takes time and skill. Heavy equipment will also be needed to remove a thick, wide trunk compared to a smaller tree which will be easier to cut up and dispose of.

You’ll also need to factor in the cost of stump removal if you plan on adding this service, and whether you opt for chemical stump removal, stump grinding, or traditional stump removal.

Read on for the factors most likely to affect your tree removal costs.

Size of tree

Different tree species will incur different tree removal rates. For example, you’ll typically pay more for a tree with lots of branches, like a large gum tree. The size of your tree will also impact it’s removal costs, but pay attention to trunk width as well as height. Narrow trunk trees are typically cheaper to remove than thick trunk trees.

Location on property

The location of your tree plays a massive role in your tree removal cost. For example, if your unwanted tree is growing over a swimming pool, garden shed, or power lines, then the project becomes more complex and the costs go up as more manpower and specialist equipment is needed.

Health of tree

You might assume a sick, diseased or dead tree would be cheaper to remove, but that’s not always the case. Although dying trees may be more brittle and easier to break down, they also pose an increased safety risk for arborists who’ll need to climb up and remove the tree piece by piece. If extra safety equipment is needed, like a crane or cherry picker, then your costs will go up.

Site accessibility

Is your tree sitting in your front yard within a stone’s throw of the road? Or is it on a sloping section of your backyard, surrounded by exposed soil and renovation debris?

Site accessibility typically equates to time. The closer an arborist’s truck and machinery can get to your tree, the cheaper your quote. This means the cost to remove trees in dense Sydney suburbs and metropolitan areas may be more than an outer Sydney suburb with more space for your arborists to work.

How do you negotiate tree removal?

You don’t.

If an arborist is willing to bend their prices, there’s a good chance they’ll cut corners along the way to ensure their profit margin stays the same. The feeling of negotiating tree removal costs down by a few hundred bucks might feel good on the day, but an errant branch thundering through your living room will feel a whole lot worse.

You can find cheap tree removal in Sydney by doing a little homework.

That means contacting 3 to 5 tree removal companies to request assessments and quotes. These quotes are best delivered on-site, with reputable Sydney arborists willing to visit your home, assess your unwanted tree, and offer a quote based on your specific needs, not a *rough* estimate they’ve pulled from a spreadsheet.

Looking to organise an obligation-free tree removal consultation? Contact our skilled arborists today to schedule your on-site assessment

Looking for cheap tree removal in Sydney?

If you’ve opened Google and searched for “cheap Sydney tree removal” then you know there’s dozens of arborists willing to take the job – but it’s important you find the tree felling team that understands your needs and offers a competitive price without cutting corners. 

At Sydney Wide Tree Cutting our skill is in the name, we’re a team of licensed and insured arborists with years of experience safely removing trees from homes and businesses across Sydney and NSW.

If you’re looking for emergency tree removal to keep your home safe, you’re researching future tree removal for your dream home renovation project, or you need an arborist report to present to your local Sydney council, we’re happy to help.

Click the link below to organise your FREE site assessment and get the care and quote you deserve.

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